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our mission

We believe that every person is unique and there is no standard treatment. There is no “average person”, each person is unique. We all have a different body, thoughts, lifestyle, habits, diet and environment. All these factors make you and your injury unique.
The mission of Evolution Physiotherapy is to provide you with the most effective care for your unique injury, so that your injury is resolved as quickly as possible.
We achieve this by first investigating where the injury comes from, what the cause of the injury is, and then choosing the treatment that is most effective for you. The treatment is chosen based on the latest scientific research results, years of practical experience and the preference of you as a patient. To make the correct diagnosis, physiotherapists have orthopedic diagnostic tests, pattern recognition and ultrasound diagnostics at their disposal.
Collaboration is very important in treatment. The different therapists in our practice all have their own specializations. The most effective treatment does not always lie with the physiotherapist alone and a combination with other medical specialists may therefore be desirable. Evolution Physiotherapist ensures further cooperation with other doctors if this is necessary for you. We have a large network with which we ensure that you receive the most effective treatment.
Evolution Team
Our customers are very satisfied with Evolution.

Patients can trust that we map out the most effective care process, so that they are free of complaints as quickly as possible. The patients therefore always come back when they have new injuries.

Because our therapy is effective and efficient, we have no waiting lists and you can contact us quickly.

WHY evolution?

Experienced therapists
Our therapists have extensive experience and are specialized in different areas
Trained therapists
Our therapists are fully trained and retrained according to the latest scientific insights.
Personal treatment
Our treatment is tailored to your personal needs and lifestyle.

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