Physiotherapy in Amsterdam and the Netherlands

Welcome to our physiotherapy practice in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. This website is especially created for all the newcomers in Amsterdam and the Netherlands to provide information on how physiotherapy works and what you can expect from it.

How does physiotherapy work in the Netherlands?

When you have a physical injury after an accident or a surgery or if you’re experiencing any type of pain in your body with movement and you need help with recovery, in the Netherlands a physiotherapist is the first person you go to for these complaints and who helps you solve them.

There are a lot of specializations within the physiotherapy profession that address both simple and difficult injuries. In many countries you go to a chiropractor or osteopath for some of those injuries, however in the Netherlands going to a physiotherapist is the standard approach. They basically do 80% the same things as a chiropractor and an osteopath but using different techniques. An additional advantage is that the Dutch health insurance will cover the full amount of the physiotherapy treatments, as compared to osteopathy and chiropractor where the coverage is only partial.

If you have a physical injury or a pain condition and you don’t know what specialization you need, you can contact a regular physiotherapist and they will refer you to the right one. In the Netherlands you don’t need a referral form a GP or other specialist, you can go directly to the physiotherapist who is the one that determines if they can help you or you need further referral to a GP or specialist.

We don`t have waiting lists and most of the times you get an appointment within 48 hours.

How do you know if a physiotherapist is good and qualified?

In the Netherlands we want to make sure that everybody gets good quality and affordable healthcare. That’s why we have a secure quality system and there is no tax on first priority healthcare. Every physiotherapist gets their degree after 4 years of study.

When completing their education, they get a special registration number (BIG). Every 5 years the therapist needs to prove that he/she worked in a practice minimum of 20 hours a week, which guarantees that you are getting a professional who is active in their job. The medical world is continuously evolving and there are always new treatments and examination techniques that are being developed. Therefore there is a 2nd registration number – the central quality register (CKR) – which ensures that a physiotherapist is up to date with all the innovations. This CKR is not needed by law so you can check who has it as a reference for their quality of practice.

Manual therapist go back to school for another 3 years and combining working with studying to get new knowledge and experience.

Every physiotherapist in our practice has both registrations so we guarantee your access to the best quality of the latest treatment and examination techniques. The name of our practice is Evolution Fysiotherapie (Evolution Physiotherapy). This stands for the new therapy of today! Innovations are our priority, and we ensure that there is continuous evolution in our practice in line with our patients’ needs and the newest treatment techniques. Physical therapy In the Netherlands is high end and we are ahead most countries in terms of progress.


Specialized physiotherapy in the Netherlands

In our practice we make sure that we understand and cover the whole body and each therapist chooses one or more areas of the body that they specialize in.

We offer the following specialized therapies:

  • Back and Neck pain
  • Shoulder pai
  • Elbow injuries
  • Back and Neck pain
  • COPD
  • Long Covid

The benefits of physical therapy, why would you use it

Physical therapy helps people restore and reduces symptoms of injuries in the physical body. Physical therapy is verry wide and there are not many physical illness or injuries that we cannot help with.

That’s why where are on the first line of the healthcare system. We can examine your injury make a diagnose and figure out where the symptoms are coming from. Once we establish the diagnose and cause we make a suitable plan for your situation. We offer treatment options and together we decide what we are going to do about it. Physical therapist have a lot of treatment options and depending on youre situation, body and preference we choose together what suits you best.


  • Friction massage
  • Manipulation (people call this cracking)
  • Dry needling
  • Medical taping and other taping techniques
  • Exercise (a lot of different options: stretching, strength, endurance, stability etc.)
  • Coaching (most important one)
  • Give insight in the problem and health

Physical therapy for expads in Amsterdam:

We are specialized in treatment for all the expands that are coming new to Amsterdam. Most of the expands work behind a desk and because of their work they have back, shoulder, elbow or neck pain. Our physical therapy is specialized on pain in the neck, shoulder, elbow and pain in the back that are created by sitting to long or working in a bad position.

Life in Amsterdam is busy and time if precious. That’s why we make sure that treating you asap and give you a direct result in decreasing pain so you can keep doing what you want. We also like to spend time to create a long term solution and really solve the problem. We learn our clients how to sit properly, manage your posture and how they can adjust there work space to their needs when this is necessary.

All benefits:

  • Professional physical therapist who are specialized in shoulder, elbow back and neck pain.
  • An appointment within 48 ours
  • Longer sessions and easy payment
  • Central in Amsterdam
  • Appointment by Whats ap
  • Coaching (most important one)
  • Treatment in English

The first time you come with us with an injury we need to examine your injury. After we know what the diagnose is we make a plan with you for a treatment. If you agree with the treatment and it is possible we can treat you immediately. The price for the first consult is 50 euro.

What do you need to bring on your first consult with the physiotherapist?

If you come for the first time to our practice, you need to bring an ID document. If you have health insurance you can also bring your insurance card, however that is not necessary. Keep in mind that we need to examine the part where your injury is, so dress comfortably and so that we can easily access the injured parts.

If you don’t want to undress the injured site, we will do our best to examine you through your clothes, however it will be harder to determine the injury and some techniques like the ultra sound and taping are only possible on bare skin.

If you have a preference for a male or female therapist, please mention that when making an appointment. You can also select on our website form which therapist you prefer for your treatment. In our practice we use fresh towels and bed covers for each patient.

Physiotherapy treatment costs

The cost of a physiotherapy treatment session is 40 euro`s. An examination costs 50 euro`s.

There are 2 different treatment prices in our practice:

  • If you have Dutch health insurance the therapy is covered by them.
  • If you don`t have health insurance, you can easily pay us either cash or using online banking.

How many treatments you need depends on the injury that you are suffering from. The average in the Netherlands is 12 treatments before you are injury free. In our practice the average is 7,26 treatments.

The location of Evolution physical therapy Amsterdam:

Evolution Fysiotherapie
Hugo de Vrieslaan 3
1097 ED Amsterdam

Our location in Amsterdam east is very easy to reach. You can reach the practice with car, train, tram and bus. We have an bus stop in front of the practice and a tram stop around the corner. Train station Amstelstation and Science Park are near. There is an bus stop with both stations that reach the practice in 3 stops.

Hugo de Vrieslaan 3, 1097 ED Amsterdam, Nederland

Making an appointment:

Making an appointment is easy. The fastest way is by Whats ap. Text us you’re injury, name and when you are available to come. We check your request and confirm what time we are available.

Tel: +31 (6) – 42 55 73 07

Or fill out the contact form.