Learn how to walk on crutches

Walking on crutches is desired for the first few weeks after surgery until the checkup appointment. This is to allow the operated leg or hip to recover properly from surgery.

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    Evolution Physiotherapy:
    Learn how to walk on crutches

    Learning to walk with crutches is not difficult and we can teach you with 10 minutes at Evolution Physiotherapy. We prefer to do this before surgery, so that you can practise quietly without any harm from walking incorrectly.

    We will show you how to walk with crutches and what to watch out for. Then we practise that with you. You will learn to move the operated leg or hip forward simultaneously with the crutches. In this way, you lean on the crutches and not entirely on the operated leg or hip. The leg and/or hip is relieved in this case.

    Then we will start climbing stairs and teach you how to stand up and sit down in a chair, using crutches. Outdoor walking with crutches on uneven surfaces, steps and ramps will also be part of the training.

    Crutch walking: the first few weeks

    For the first four weeks, it is necessary to walk with two crutches. We will teach you how to walk with two crutches in a three-point gait.

    The video to the left demonstrates what the three-point gait looks like after knee surgery.

    It is important that:

    • You are looking forward and not at the ground
    • You put the midfoot exactly between the two crutches



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    I have been suffering from a knee injury for some time. At Evolution Physiotherapy they really take the time for you and look beyond just the place where you have pain. In addition to the pleasant way of treatment by the therapists, you will also receive advice on how to prevent pain, by, for example, well-doable exercises for at home. Also very nice that they keep in touch with you after the treatment. I have since gotten rid of my symptoms.

    Jaap Waterman, 39, teacher

    Crutch walking after four weeks

    After the first four weeks of crutch walking with two crutches, it is important that you walk with one crutch for another two weeks after that.

    The video to the right demonstrates what walking with one crutch looks like after knee surgery.

    It is important that:

    • You use the crutch on the side of the unaffected leg
    • You place the affected leg at the level of the stool on the floor
    • You pay attention to proper foot settlement and leg extension


    Climbing stairs with crutches

    After a knee or hip surgery, it is important that you use crutches, even while climbing stairs. Climbing stairs with crutches can be very difficult though.

    The video to the left demonstrates how to walk up and down stairs with two crutches.

    It is important that:

    • You hold the banister with one hand
    • When climbing stairs, you place the non-operated leg on the step first
    • When walking down stairs, you first use the operated leg together with the crutch


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    There are differences in how quickly and how well recovery occurs. In any case, we make sure that together we get the most out of it. Whatever your situation or goals, we will help you achieve them. Hundreds of people chosen our practice before.

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