Medical Taping is a common treatment method that uses special elastic tape. The tape supports muscles and joints without restricting them. In addition, the lifting effect reduces the pressure on the pain sensors that lie beneath the skin, reducing pain.

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    This tape is called kinesio tape. The elastic tape supports the muscular system, body’s own healing processes and influences the neurological and circulatory systems without restricting movement.



    The rationale behind this is that muscles not only affect the body’s movements, but also, for example, influence blood circulation, the lymphatic system and body temperature. Therefore, when muscles do not work properly, it can result in a variety of complaints and symptoms. However, when dysfunctional muscles are supported with this special elastic tape, it will stimulate the body’s self-healing ability.

    The background thought of the Medical Taping Concept at a glance:

    • The tape affects the body’s neurological and circulatory systems and supports the body’s own healing processes.
    • It works according to the principles of kinesiology.
    • It supports the muscular system.

    Unlike the conventional taping method

    Unlike the conventional taping method, which often uses non-stretchable material to achieve joint restriction, this taping method actually achieves an “increase in mobility” by improving function. The principle is: Activate instead of fixate while maintaining full functionality of the muscles.