Our care process

Primary care in the Netherlands is primarily geared to treating pain sites from symptoms, with which science and the therapist are familiar. Some of the people are helped by this. Much of it, however, does not.

At Evolution Physical Therapy, care is focused on helping you get rid of your symptoms as an individual, so you can get back to doing what you want to do. In doing so, we make a thorough diagnosis and also look at lifestyle, diet and other habits.

We would be happy to tell you more about our care process.

What does our care process look like?

We start with an intake interview to assess your personal situation, properly. Our experienced therapists are trained to clarify environmental factors in addition to the complaint.

Thus, there are instances when we do not treat manually, but with proper diagnosis, remove recovery impeding factors. The most important factor in your recovery, after all, is your body itself.

Within three treatments, your symptoms should change. If not, a new diagnosis must be made and a different treatment plan is needed. 90% of our patients can get back to doing what they want after an effective course of treatment.

Step 1

Intake interview

Comprehensive intake interview with one of our experienced therapists. Determine correct diagnosis.

Step 2


eliminate and/or treat factors.

Step 3


After 3 treatments, an evaluation. The symptoms should be less present or gone.

Step 4

New diagnosis

Possibly a new diagnosis. If there is no change, a new diagnosis must be made.

The body heals itself

The most important and effective work a physical therapist can do for your body is to remove or reduce factors that impede recovery. Or create conditions in which recovery is actually promoted.

In our treatment programs, diagnosis, manual treatment and self-management advice are used to get your body permanently complaint-free. After all, the body heals itself.