Rehabilitating after meniscus surgery

It is scientifically proven that physiotherapy contributes to a better recovery after a meniscus surgery. Through our years of experience and knowledge, we will ensure you that your knee functions as well again as it did before the injury.

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    Evolution Physiotherapy
    Expert in rehabilitation after meniscus injury

    We will guide you throughout the entire process. How we do this? This is completely tailored to your needs and your situation.

    We will teach you what to do prior to surgery, what happens during surgery and how we will work together to ensure a full recovery. We will guide you throughout the entire process, so you will soon be able to do everything the way you did before. But without pain and without complaints!

    To begin meniscus rehabilitation with a physiotherapist, it is good to know exactly what the orthopedist did.

    Was all of – or only a part of – the meniscus removed ? Or is the meniscus sutured? This affects the first phase. Because we consult with your operator, we are exactly aware of your situation.

    Our therapists are experienced and committed and during your course you will work with specialized therapists. In addition, we have all the facilities and we work according to the latest training techniques and treatment methods. All our knowledge and expertise is at your disposal!

    Meniscus Rehabilitation-Evolution Physiotherapy

    Preparation for meniscus surgery

    Before you have surgery on your meniscus, we already begin with physiotherapy.

    This is the first step to rehabilitation. In fact, the better and stronger you go into surgery, the better you will also come out of surgery and the faster and better your knee eventually recovers.

    Before the meniscectomy, we start training at least 1 month, but for maximum results even 3 months before surgery. What we know from experience and research is that the better trained you go into surgery, the better you come out of it. Proper preparation ensures that it takes less effort to retrain the knee and the muscles around it, and after surgery you will recover faster.

    We will work with you to create an exercise regimen that you will perform partly at home and partly with us in in our pratice.


    The exercises we will do are designed to train the strength, stability and endurance of the muscles in the knee, buttock, abdomen and lower legs.

    The goal of physiotherapy in preparation for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is for you to go into surgery as optimally as possible.

    This process has three objectives that we discuss in detail with you during the initial consultation:

    • You know what the operation entails and how it works
    • You know how to walk with crutches
    • Your body is in optimal condition for meniscus surgery



    How do people experience our care?

    Tore meniscus during soccer. Rehabilitated after an opration with Wesley and his team. What skill and expertise. With the treatment, I felt myself getting stronger.
    B. Bresijn

    Physiotherapy and recovery after meniscus surgery

    After surgery, you may immediately put some or all of your knee under load. The exact load your knee is allowed depends on the type of surgery. We will explain exactly what this means for you, so you know exactly what you can and cannot do.

    You will have to walk on crutches during the first period of recovery, however long this takes again depends on the type of surgery you had (meniscus suturing or partial removal). We will help you learn how to use your crutches so that you can use them properly and stress your knee appropriately.

    We will teach you how to move safely at home and take care of yourself. We can also do the initial exercises at your home when it is not yet possible to come to our practice. 

    We will teach you exercises that provide mobility in the knee and strengthen the muscles. Because the knee may not fully flex after suturing the meniscus, we will help you do proper exercises the right way.

    As soon as you can come to the practice independently, the next phase of physiotherapy in our practice begins. Over a period of 3 to 6 months, we start with gentle exercises for stability and build it up to full strength, stability and load capacity.

    The goal of rehabilitation is for you to be at least as strong and fit again as you were before your injury. This means a knee that can fully flex and extend, is completely stable and can handle as much load as your other knee.

    Meniscus Rehabilitation-Evolution Physiotherapy

    Start your rehabilitation at Evolution Physiotherapy

    Recovery after meniscus reconstruction varies between 3-6 months. Patients who would like to play soccer, tennis, handball, field hockey, etc. again are on the road for about six months. This is slightly faster for a meniscus that has had part of it removed than for one that has been sutured.

    In particular, sports involving rotational movements and deep squats require fully rounded rehabilitation. We design the rehabilitation so that you can return to sports responsibly. This means that we tailor rehabilitation to your situation and your body because every rehabilitation is different.

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