Rehabilitating after surgery for a new hip

The surgery in which you receive a new hip is very invasive. By beginning targeted physical therapy as soon as possible after surgery, we will ensure that you can quickly regain full use of your new hip.

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    Evolution physical therapy:
    Specialist in hip rehabilitation

    A rehabilitation course at Evolution Physical Therapy is always a complete course. We will guide you from surgery (or even before surgery) until you can be 100% confident in your new hip.

    We have already had the opportunity to do this for hundreds of people, which has allowed us to build up a lot of knowledge and experience. We will help you with exactly what you should or should not do, so you can get started with confidence.

    Entire rehabilitation after a new hip can take about six months. The muscles heal fairly quickly, but the connective tissue takes a little longer. During that time, our specialists are at your disposal with all their knowledge and expertise. Along with all our facilities.

    We always start with a personal rehabilitation schedule, which is completely tailored to you and your situation. During the course of rehabilitation, we adjust this at times when necessary. This way you are always assured of the best care.

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    Preparing for new hip rehabilitation

    Ideally, we start physical therapy even before you have surgery. We do this because your condition before surgery is also important. The fitter and stronger you go into surgery, the better your post-surgery recovery will be. Preparing for surgery can be done on many levels because every little bit can help.

    We will help you with a fully customized schedule to train the strength, stability and endurance of hip and surrounding muscles. We can start this at least one but even three months before surgery.


    By exercising three times a week, you will be optimally prepared for surgery. The training has three objectives that we discuss in detail with you during the initial consultation:

    • You know what the operation entails and how it works
    • You know how to walk with crutches
    • Your body is in optimal condition for surgery



    How do people experience our care?

    With my first new hip, I received fantastic help from Evolution Physical Therapy‘s rehabilitation. My other hip is due soon, too. I don’t look forward to it as much because I know it’s going to be okay and that I can actually do quite a lot again and have no more pain. I don’t look forward to it, but I no longer look up to it either.
    Leen Meggels

    Physiotherapy and recovery in new hip rehabilitation

    You will start rehabilitation immediately after surgery. There, a hospital physical therapist will help you with such things as getting out of bed and walking on crutches. The moment you are allowed to go home, we will be there for you! In fact, we will come to you, so we can start in a low-key way.

    First of all, we focus on getting you back on your feet at home. That means (continuing) to practice walking, sitting/standing up and climbing stairs. Together, we are going to make sure that you are able to do ordinary everyday things again. Then it’s time for the next step.

    Because after a few weeks, you will have little pain and the wound will be neatly closed. Then we can focus on walking with one crutch and pay even more attention to things like walking sideways or backwards. We do exercises together and we give you exercises you can do independently. That way, you are constantly working on your recovery.

    At your earliest convenience, we can move up another notch in rehabilitation. Just until you are at least as strong and fit as you were before surgery.


    Start your rehabilitation at Evolution Physical Therapy

    There are differences in how quickly and how well recovery occurs. In any case, we make sure that together we get the most out of it. Whatever your situation or goals, we will help you achieve them. Not for nothing have hundreds of people chosen our practice before.

    During rehabilitation, you will have our full attention and expertise, along with our resources and facilities. This means you can automatically take advantage of new insights and developments. Because we are always striving to improve our care.

    Rehabilitation at our practice, means being helped by true professionals with a heart for care, health and exercise. Whatever your goal, our physical therapists are here for you!

    Team-Evolution Physiotherapy