Becoming the therapist in
your field?

Do an internship at Evolution physiotherapy!


Becoming the therapist in
your field?

Do an internship at Evolution physiotherapy!

What are the features of our practice?

As an aspiring physiotherapist, you have many options to choose from. The choice you make for your internship is important for the rest of your career. That is why we want to explain to you exactly what our vision is. So that you can determine whether you fit in.

Our colleagues say the following about our practice:


A lot of personal responsibility


Everyone within the practice continues to develop


Highly diverse patient population, every day is different


The atmosphere is good and the team outings are great


Mistakes are allowed (we learn from them)


The opportunity for additional training and study

What kind of care does our practice offer?

Every person is unique. As a result, every complaint or injury is also different. For this reason, we believe every treatment plan should be tailor-made. In our opinion, a good treatment plan consists of the following components:

Customisation for
the patient

Aimed at short
& long-term

Quick & effective

So within our practice, we give the space to think about the best treatment options, providing the best possible care. We believe in constantly increasing our knowledge and experience. During the internship, you will participate fully in this!


How do people experience our care?

Already treated for various complaints by Wesley. To date, it has not occurred to me that they were unable to resolve my complaints at Evolution physical therapy. Even now that I am walking with a more complicated issue in my back, we are still moving in the right direction. Always quick spot and nice reception. I have to drive a fair bit myself for the treatments, but it is well worth it to me. I also always recommend Evolution physical therapy to everyone in my area when they are looking for a good physio!
Mitchell Massee

Who will be your colleagues?


It is very pleasant how we treat each other within Evolution. The relationship with my previous employer was very bad. At my previous job, I was afraid to ask my employer for things, because he often reacted irritably if I didn’t know something or if I accidentally made a mistake. This resulted in me barely speaking to my employer, as I also only saw him once a month during the monthly consultation.

I also really like the degree of freedom and self-responsibility Evolution Physiotherapy maintains. Clear tasks with freedom of execution. As long as it gets done. Top!

Sometimes we have business things to discuss such as a contract or the like and then it is also nice to deal with it professionally.

What I also really like is that Evolution Physiotherapy involves us in certain decisions in the company and also pays attention to personal development. In doing so, Evolution shows that we are important to the practice. Which of course it is 😉

It is very nice that colleagues sometimes take a moment to explain and teach something in terms of actions. I can get a colleague in at any time and walk in to consult.


It’s just a very nice way of working because we communicate well with each other and appreciation shows. As a result, I myself am willing to put in extra hard work and ensure that the company grows in all aspects.

elbow complaints evolution physiotherapy


Evolution physiotherapy has a good atmosphere in the practice, working together as a team in an approachable way to give patients the best possible care.

Compared to what I am used to, the meetings are entertaining and there is always room for personal input. I was actually appreciated immediately as a colleague and with input in meetings


My career started as a 4th-year physiotherapy intern. I had a lot of affinity for Zwanenburg and apparently my level was good enough to work at the practice. I grabbed that opportunity with both hands.

We are now eight years on and have built the company together into what it is today. Two great locations with an incredibly nice team of all top therapists.

I took on the Zwanenburg location myself to grow it, and I am now a manager there and a partner within Evolution. I did not expect eight years ago that we would be standing here now.

We are still a training company for trainees and we also do a lot of collaboration, practice techniques and courses intercollegially.

I am still very proud of that and we are only going to become a better practice!


Evolution physiotherapy is a practice that moves with the times and is up to date with the latest insights and research. At Evolution Physiotherapy, the focus is not only on symptom relief, but more importantly, underlying causes of complaints are discovered and addressed. Thus, we aim to provide effective treatment with a sustainable solution.

The therapists working at Evolution Physiotherapy are driven to keep developing themselves and continue learning.

At meetings, the team has a say on the vision and goals for the practice. It is nice to spar about this with colleagues so that we can work towards a nice common goal.

Besides work, there should also be room for sociable activities. For instance, we try to have meetings with snacks and drinks and have fun team outings such as dinners and winter sports.

Do you fit within our practice?

You fit within our practice if you want to become one of the best therapists in the Netherlands. You will enter an environment with a lot of knowledge and experience. Because everyone of your colleagues wants to keep developing.

We are a busy practice, which means you will be in last or second last internship period.

To really learn from each other, we need to be a good match. That is why we ask you to take the Caluwe colour test and the Kolb learning test. The outcome of these tests is never right or wrong, but gives more of an impression of your style of learning.

The better our match is, the more fun and educational the internship will be.

2 locations

Evolution Physiotherapy has two locations where you can get started!

Location Amsterdam East

Location Zwanenburg