Care and Health

Every person is unique and has their own habits, thoughts, lifestyle, diet and exercise patterns. This means that care and health can be different for each person.

So physical complaints must also be treated and prevented personally and placed in a broader perspective. We would be happy to tell you more about our perspective on this.

A broader perspective of care and health

Physical complaints are about much more than just pain in a particular place in the body. The cause of physical complaints may be in body functions, mental well-being and daily functioning. Each of these dimensions plays a major role in health. And care must be tailored accordingly.

Effective Care

Delivering effective care requires commitment from everyone involved around your health. This, of course, is the medical specialist and the network around them, but your own role is just as important. Only when each party is properly engaged, asking the right questions, establishing a proper diagnosis and working on self-care, is effective care possible.


The care at Evolution Physical Therapy

Collaboration within a knowledge network of medical specialists and effective diagnostics are the cornerstones of our care.

Our treatment plans and therapies are effective, efficient, and promote sustainable health. 90% of the people under our treatment can afterwards do what they want.