Manual therapy

Manual therapists specialize in the examination and treatment of patients with complaints of the spine and joints in the arms and legs. The aim of manual therapy is to improve joint function on the one hand and posture and movement on the other.

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    Manual therapists look at the way people move and make the joints work better. To do this, the manual therapist uses a number of specific techniques that can be applied in the joints. As a result, they move (again) smoothly and pain decreases. Manual therapists have completed a four-year advanced training course in manual therapy after studying physiotherapy.

    Manual Therapy-Evolution Physiotherapy

    Complaints that the manual therapist treats

    • Head and neck pain (often in conjunction with stiff upper back)
    • Neck pain (radiating into the arm or not)
    • Complaints high in the back with rib and chest pain
    • Hip pain
    • Low back pain (even if it radiates to the leg)
    • Dizziness that comes from movement of the neck
    • Jaw pain (sometimes in conjunction with neck pain)