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You have had surgery or are due for surgery. No worries, we are going to make sure you get the best guidance. We are going to teach you exactly what to do and what not to do and make sure that you will soon be able to do everything the way you were used to before.


What does rehabilitation look like with us?

Our practice specializes in (intensive) rehabilitation pathways. That means we can guide you from start to finish. This may begin even before you have had surgery, for example. Every course is customized, meaning that your situation and your goals determine what the course will look like.

So we begin by jointly creating a plan for rehabilitation. In doing so, we look at which specialists can help you (physical therapist, exercise therapist, manual therapist) and which type of rehabilitation suits you. During rehabilitation, we adjust this plan as needed. So that we always stay focused on your goals and your health.

What rehabilitations can we help you with?

We can help you rehabilitate after hip or knee surgery. This could be surgery where you received a new knee or hip. Or where you have been helped on your cruciate ligament or meniscus, for example.

These are intensive surgeries, after which we will work with you to rehabilitate you to return to daily activities without symptoms.

But we can also help you even before the surgery is performed. So you can prepare for surgery with us. This not only means that we tell you what to expect, but we can already start working to prepare you physically for the surgery as well.

Through targeted exercise/training even before surgery, we can speed up your recovery after surgery.

Rehabilitation-Evolution Physiotherapy

This is how our care process works

Phase 1

First 4 to 6 weeks

It is important to get moving again soon after surgery, this will keep the muscles supple and mobile. In the first weeks after surgery, we focus on pain management, reducing swelling and restoring the mobility of your hip. You will walk with crutches during this period.

Phase 2

After 6 weeks

Of course, your recovery after surgery is not only dependent on rehabilitation. The condition of the joint and the structures surrounding it, strongly influence the outcome. We therefore do exercises to improve overall muscle strength and fitness and increase mobility. Good running posture is important here.

Phase 3

Return to normal life, work and sport

When muscle strength and mobility are high enough, you should be able to do as much as possible by yourself again. Think of everyday things like walking, cycling, personal care and housework. Even sports can resume, if you are in good shape.

Evolution Physical Therapy helps you with

new hip-evolution-physiotherapy


By beginning targeted physical therapy after surgery, we will ensure that you can regain full use of your new hip.



The surgery in which you receive a knee replacement is a major operation. Because of this, there is also solid rehabilitation attached.



It is scientifically proven that physical therapy contributes very positively to a good recovery after meniscus surgery.

anterior cruciate ligament-evolution physical therapy

Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Rehabilitation from a torn cruciate ligament or rehabilitation after a cruciate ligament reconstruction, is an intensive process.


How do people experience our care?

How glad I am to have found this physical therapist. Wesley is a very nice and knowledgeable physical therapist with a no nonsense approach. I can recommend everyone to go to this center if there is anything. Thanks for everything!
Gilian Vette

Why choose Evolution Physical Therapy for your rehabilitation?

At a time when care is increasingly governed by protocols, we remain committed to personalized care. This means that with us you will work with your regular therapists as much as possible and we will arrange your rehabilitation as flexibly as possible.

You can train with us in the exercise room, there is always someone there to help you with exercises. But we can also get you started so you can do a lot at home afterwards.

But the absolute strength of our practice, is the expertise present in our therapists. This knowledge and experience makes a difference for our clients every time. When you rehabilitate with us, you will always be supervised by a therapist with specific knowledge and experience. As a result, you will always have the best possible care with us.

Team Rehabilitation-Evolution Physiotherapy