The physical therapist uses ultrasound to be sure of his diagnosis. With the hands, physical therapists can sense many problems, however, they cannot see into the body. So with an ultrasound, this is now possible. This makes it easier and more understandable for you as a patient and for us as therapists.

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    Additional research method

    Both at physiotherapy Amsterdam-Oost and in Zwanenburg, we can perform an ultrasound on you as an additional examination method. Many injuries can be well examined with an ultrasound. We use ultrasound to diagnose conditions that are not or not confidently diagnosed with our orthopedic tests.

    We also use ultrasound to understand exactly how long recovery from an injury will take. This recording can then be used again at a later time to measure how far you have progressed.

    We use the ultrasound to make clear:

    • Where the injury comes from
    • What caused the injury
    • How long recovery will take
    • As an additional investigation to see if we are not missing factors affecting recovery
    • As an evaluation tool, how well you recover

    Advice during initial interview and examination

    If we think ultrasound research will benefit you, we will recommend it during our initial consultation and examination. Often the ultrasound can then be done right away if you want it.


    Even you as a patient may prefer a more reliable form of examination to be sure of the diagnosis. People like us to be sure by capturing the problem on camera. For doctors and insurers, this is desirable and ensures certainty of diagnosis.


    The cost for an ultrasound examination is 75 euros on top of the usual consultation and examination fees. Unfortunately, at present, insurance companies do not reimburse ultrasound examinations at physical therapists. We hope this will change in the future when an ultrasound examination becomes standard in physical therapy practices. We do always recommend submitting the bill to the health insurance company to try.
    Ultrasound Evolution

    Wouldn’t it be better to have an ultrasound at the hospital?

    You are better off having injuries examined by a physiotherapist using an ultrasound than in the hospital. The reason for this is that we take your entire story into account, know what we are looking for, and have you move during the ultrasound. Moving a muscle or joint gives a lot of information about how something is functioning.

    Unfortunately, in the hospital, they only examine when you are still, and then you may not be experiencing any symptoms. The images are also not immediately evaluated because the person performing the imaging only conducts the examination, and the physician analyzes your images.

    An advantage of the hospital is that they have extensive experience in conducting ultrasounds, and the costs are covered by health insurance (note that the costs will be deducted from your deductible). Hospital costs range from 75 to 250 euros.

    When an ultrasound?

    An ultrasound examination is additional and not necessary in many cases. It makes the diagnosis, thus the problem causing your discomfort, more certain, and ensures that nothing is missed. With our other research methods, we come a long way. When it is necessary, we will inform you of this during your first visit to the practice. Below are some examples of injuries where an ultrasound is valuable.

    • Muscle tear
    • Bursitis
    • Scar tissue
    • Trapping
    • Wrong posture muscles
    • Calcifications