Rehabilitating after an anterior cruciate ligament injury

Rehabilitation from a torn cruciate ligament or rehabilitation after a cruciate ligament reconstruction, is an intensive process. We help you with personal guidance throughout rehabilitation.

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    Evolution physical therapy:
    Specialist in anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation

    When you come to us for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rehabilitation, we guide you through the entire process. Whether it’s a torn cruciate ligament or a ligament that needs to be reconstructed through surgery.

    During rehabilitation, you will be supervised by a physical therapist who has also gone through anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation himself. So, in addition to having a lot of knowledge and experience, your therapist has also been in your shoes, allowing him to guide you even better.

    In addition, we have all facilities and work according to the latest training techniques and treatment methods. All our knowledge and expertise is at your disposal. How we’re going to do this exactly, we’ll discuss together when creating your personalized treatment plan.


    Preparation for cruciate ligament surgery

    Before you have surgery on your anterior cruciate ligament, we begin physical therapy.

    This is the first step to rehabilitation. In fact, the better and stronger you go into surgery, the better you come out of surgery. And the faster and better your knee eventually recovers.

    We will create a customized training schedule to help you train your knee’s strength and stability. With this, we start 2-3 months in advance. In fact, patients who choose not to do so take an average of 2-3 months longer to recover!


    The goal of physical therapy in preparation for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is for you to go into surgery as optimally as possible. This process has three objectives that we discuss in detail with you during the initial consultation:

    • You know what the operation entails and how it works
    • You know how to walk with crutches
    • Your body is in optimal condition for surgery



    How do people experience our care?

    After my surgery, the team from Evolution physical therapy first visited my home several times. They take their time with you and know exactly what you can handle and what you can’t. Sometimes you feel like you’re at your max, and then the guys still manage to push you to just a little bit more. Starting rehabilitation in practice soon. Have every confidence in it.

    Desiree Menken

    Physical therapy and recovery after anterior cruciate ligament surgery

    The course begins immediately after surgery. You will first do this at the hospital or clinic with a physical therapist working at the site of your surgery. Once you go home, we take over this process again. We can do the first part at your home.

    Our first goal is to make sure you can get back to being independent at home. We teach you how to move safely at home and take care of yourself. We will also teach you exercises that will provide mobility in the knee. For this, we will come to your home, so you do not have to come to the practice because transporting is not yet possible.

    As soon as you can come to the practice independently, the next phase of physical therapy in our practice begins. Over a 9-month period, begin with gentle exercises for stability and build up to full strength, stability and load capacity.

    The goal of rehabilitation, is for you to be at least as strong and fit again as you were before your injury.


    Start your rehabilitation at Evolution Physical Therapy

    Recovery after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction varies between 6-12 months. Patients who would like to play soccer, tennis, handball, field hockey, etc. again are about a year on the road to return to their former level of sports.

    Patients who do not exercise can do it in 6-9 months. The reason why recovery from an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction takes so long has to do with the adaptability of the new tendon, training up the surrounding muscles and sports-specific training.

    So it depends on what the patient wants to do with the knee. Whatever your goal, our physical therapists are here for you!

    Team-Evolution Physiotherapy