The Right

We believe that each person is unique and therefore there is no standard treatment. Therefore, to provide you with the most effective care for your unique complaint, a thorough diagnosis is needed first.

How does our diagnostic work?

We first examine where the complaint is coming from, what the cause of the complaint is, and then choose a treatment that is most effective for you. When examining your complaint, we look (much) beyond the pain. We pay attention to environmental factors such as your lifestyle, diet and other habits. All important issues that may be related to your symptoms.

Effective treatment methods

The treatment of your complaints is determined based on the latest scientific research, years of practical experience with a diverse group of patients, and your preferences as a patient. For making the correct diagnosis, our physiotherapists have orthopedic diagnostic tests, pattern recognition, and ultrasound at their disposal.

Collaboration medical specialists

Of course, the most effective treatment is not always limited to physical therapy alone. Collaboration with other medical specialists is therefore common when a particular diagnosis requires specific knowledge to formulate and implement the treatment plan. The physical therapists at Evolution Physiotherapy have a large network of medical specialists so this knowledge is always well within reach.