Rehabilitating after surgery for a new knee

The surgery in which you receive a knee replacement is a major operation. Because of this, there is also solid rehabilitation attached. Our specialists can guide you through this process.

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    Evolution physical therapy:
    Specialist in new knee rehabilitation

    When people rehabilitate with us for a new knee, we accompany you throughout the entire process. Assisting hundreds of clients, we can support you in every way possible during rehabilitation.

    The time you need to rehabilitate varies from person to person. Usually the process takes 3 to 6 months. During that time, our specialists are at your disposal with all their knowledge and expertise. Along with all our facilities.

    We begin with a personalized rehabilitation schedule, which is completely tailored to you and your situation and which we adjust as needed.


    Preparing for new knee surgery

    Before you have surgery on your new knee, we begin physical therapy. This is the first step to rehabilitation. In fact, the better and stronger you go into surgery, the better you come out of surgery. And the faster and better your knee eventually recovers.

    We will create a customized training schedule to help you train your knee’s strength and stability. Completely tailored to your abilities and to your level. With this, we start several months in advance. In fact, patients who choose not to do so take months longer to recover.


    The goal of physical therapy in preparation for knee surgery is for you to go into surgery as optimally as possible. This process has three objectives that we discuss in detail with you during the initial consultation:

    • You know what the operation entails and how it works
    • You know how to walk with crutches
    • Your body is in optimal condition for surgery



    How do people experience our care?

    How pleased I am with the skill, experience and expertise of the team at Evolution Physical Therapy. I understand very well that they are busy. But despite that, you get a lot of attention, they care about you and you really want to notice that it makes them happy to have made you a little better with each treatment. I still have a long way to go with me knee, but I can already do much more than I dreamed.
    Kim Bekemaan

    Physiotherapy and rehabilitation for a new knee

    The course begins immediately after surgery. You will first do this in the hospital with a physical therapist working at the site of your surgery. For example, you will learn to get in/out of bed and climb stairs. Once you go home, we take over this process again. We can do the first part at your home, so you don’t have to leave the house when you are not ready for this.

    Our first goal is to make sure you can get back to being independent at home. We start with gait training and gentle loading of the knee. In principle, you may resume loading, but we see in practice that this often takes some time.

    As soon as you can come to the practice independently, the next phase of physical therapy in our practice begins. Over a period of 3-6 months, we start with gentle exercises for stability and build it up to full strength, stability and load capacity.

    We follow four phases as you go from walking pieces to full load. The goal of rehabilitation, is for you to be at least as strong and fit again as you were before your injury.


    Start your rehabilitation at Evolution Physical Therapy

    Recovery after getting a new knee depends greatly on the person undergoing rehabilitation. Whatever your situation or goals, we will help you rehabilitate. Just as we have done this for hundreds of others.

    Rehabilitation at Evolution Physical Therapy means you will receive our full expertise and attention. We are always improving our rehabilitation care by keeping up with new insights and research. This ensures that we always deliver a higher level than what is usual in the Netherlands.

    Rehabilitation at our practice, means being helped by true professionals with a heart for care, health and exercise. Whatever your goal, our physical therapists are here for you!

    Team-Evolution Physiotherapy