Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is about strengthening muscle groups that are related to a certain complaint.


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    Physiotherapy sometimes is not enough

    When it comes to motion and sports injuries, the first thing that often comes to mind is physiotherapy. However, if those symptoms keep recurring, there’s more to it. They may have to do with the way one moves or one’s lifestyle.

    Treating these symptoms with physiotherapy alone then usually does not produce lasting results. Exercise therapy treats complaints associated with improper use of muscles and posture. Often this is the result of improper exercise.

    Exercise Therapy-Evolution Physiotherapy

    Exercises and tips

    The therapist will give you exercises, which you will work with on your own. These are designed, for example, to improve the coordination of muscle groups, joint mobility and overall fitness.

    You can think of the learning of how to tighten the abdominal muscles during certain movements, thereby supporting and relieving the back muscles. The therapist supports you and gives tips and advice on how to prevent new symptoms.

    Exercise Therapy-Evolution Physiotherapy


    Tools such as “resistant bands” can be used in practice. These are elastic bands that are available in different resistance levels and help strengthen muscles. Also, fitness equipment is often used, which are also available at our practices. 

    Commitment is key

    Exercise therapy requires your involvement and commitment and can only succeed if you are willing to provide it.