Referral Practice for
Elbow Problems

You can refer your patients to Elbow Expertise Center for treatments, consultations and second opinions

Elbow Expertise Center Amsterdam

Elbow Expertise Center in Amsterdam is a clinic dedicated entirely to complaints of the elbow. We do 3500+ treatments per year on the elbow and are successful in permanently resolving over 20 types of complaints. 97% of people are symptom-free after our treatments.

What can you expect when referring your patient?

Our treatment pathways are effective because we begin with a thorough diagnosis. Our years of experience in remedying elbow problems allows us to properly recognize a complaint and the context in which the complaint arose.

Do you have questions about a complaint or want to refer a patient? Then you can contact us in the following ways:

1. Question about a complaint
To do so, please fill out the form below. You can also call us directly.

2. Refer patient directly
To do so, complete the referral form below/You can submit your referral via Zorgdomein. We will contact you within 2 business days. We will keep you informed about your patient’s contact and treatment process.

3. Second opinion
Do you notice that a complaint is not improving or that a complaint persists for a long time? If so, ask us for a second opinion. We are happy to help think about a customized treatment plan.

In all cases, we are happy to assist you with our knowledge!

This is how our care process works


Intake interview


Physical examination


The treatment phase



Evolution Physical Therapy helps you with

new hip-evolution-physiotherapy


The physical therapist helps you prevent, remedy or reduce your physical symptoms.



The surgery in which you receive a knee replacement is a major operation. Because of this, there is also solid rehabilitation attached.



It is scientifically proven that physical therapy contributes very positively to a good recovery after meniscus surgery.

anterior cruciate ligament-evolution physical therapy

Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Rehabilitation from a torn cruciate ligament or rehabilitation after a cruciate ligament reconstruction, is an intensive process.


How do people experience our Care?

I have been suffering from [type klacht] for some time . At Medifysio they really take the time for you and look beyond just the place where you have pain. In addition to the pleasant way of treatment by the therapists, you will also receive advice on how to prevent pain, by, for example, well-doable exercises for at home. Also very nice that they keep in touch with you after the treatment. I have since gotten rid of my symptoms.

Jaap Waterman, 39, teacher

Why choose Evolution Physical Therapy for your rehabilitation?

At a time when care is increasingly governed by protocols, we remain committed to personalized care. This means that with us you will work with your regular therapists as much as possible and we will arrange your rehabilitation as flexibly as possible.

You can train with us in the exercise room, there is always someone there to help you with exercises. But we can also get you started so you can do a lot at home afterwards.

But the absolute strength of our practice, is the expertise present in our therapists. This knowledge and experience makes a difference for our clients every time. When you rehabilitate with us, you will always be supervised by a therapist with specific knowledge and experience. As a result, you will always have the best possible care with us.

Team Rehabilitation-Evolution Physiotherapy

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